How to Get Set Up With Your Personal Blog

Opening and closing tags

When you are programming, there will be an opening and closing tag. The opening tag starts off the sequence with a left angle bracket, a character (or two) signifying what the tag is supposed to do, and a right angle bracket. A closing tag ends the sequence in the same manner—it looks just like the opening tag, but it has a forward slash before the character.

Important HTML Tags To Know

<head> </head>

  • Site Structure

This tag is at the top of the page. In between these two brackets, you’ll see information about the page (including the page title) and theme styling code for the rest of the page. This HTML section will be the description of your page.

<body> </body>

Everything between these two tags appears in the body of your webpage (what readers see when they are on your site).

  • Organizing With Headings

There are three different sizes of headings: H1 is the largest, H2 is the second largest, etc. I would recommend not using more than two different types of headers in your posts because it becomes distracting

  • Embedding Images

If you’re sending an email to your blog subscribers or putting together a post that you want all of your readers to immediately notice, using HTML for images is important. Notice that you should include the link to the image itself, the size of the image in pixels, as well as the alt tag.

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