Programming for Children and Tools for Collaboration

  1. Learning to program helps kids advance their critical thinking skills as well as the ability to solve problems.  When children are working on solving programming problems, they are learning how to make logical connections, and how to break problems down into smaller, manageable tasks
  2. Programming encourages creativity, and children have opportunities to find their own solutions to problems while also collaborating with others to improve
  3. Programming is widely used, and this will set them up for and gain skills that are highly sought on the job market
  4. Programming is fun!  Using an app, animation, or game are great ways to encourage kids to participate in the experience of learning how to program, and kids will be able to use their imagination in ways they never thought possible!

Not only will programming help a child develop their critical-thinking and creativity skills, but with a computer, effective internet use, and word processing skills, children can programming concepts as a tool for collaboration and social justice


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